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Golden God in Istanbul

OK. Wow.
As of yesterday midnight, I think I have fulfilled one of my true dreams. A dream come true.
What a glory and honour to my journal =)

People, last night in Istanbul, I had the chance to watch one of the three musicians* that I can ever dream of seeing. That great musician, the "Golden God" of rock'n'roll, is Robert Plant.

God knows for how many looong years have I waited patiently to see the lead singer of the legendary band Led Zeppelin. Even after when we bought our tickets and everything, I still could not believe I was actually gonna see him in person. Earlier that day, I put my ticket below my monitor when I was at work =) My concert buddy who also happens to be my desk neighbor was equally excited. We went out with our friends to have beer in the port and then left for the BIG NINE THIRTY :)

To my surprise, he and the band were on stage in 10 minutes! The moment he stepped on stage, I remember feeling a little paralized OR freaked out... Hard to tell really =)

The God was on stage for almost 2 hours. And here is the setlist if you're intersted:

tin pan valley
7 7
black dog
going to california
four sticks
slow dancer
babe i'm gonna leave you
freedom fries
gallows pole
--- bis ---
the enchanter
-the arabic song-(?)
whole lotta love

As you can see, the setlist contained morea than just a few LZ songs, to my surprise. This, of course made this event become more than just awesome but off the hook friggin crazy! The crowd was first very 'well-behaved" everyone sitting on their seats maybe just moving from side to side. But after the bis, everyone including us, moved downstairs to see him, hear him closer. I can tell ya THAT was when I really felt i was there :) Dancing like a horny high groupie, and believe me I was not the only one =) He was driving us crazy with all that teasing while he sang whole lotta love... Man, he was seriously incredibly young, HOT, hype... you know, Robert. He has never changed, he could out-young us all believe me!

Oh and the 2 quotes that everyone will remember:
(fangirl yells): "Roberrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Robert: "Yes mother?"
(everybody dies laughing)

(crowd cheers after a song ends)
Robert: "Extraordinary. Not you, us."

And finally here are some vids on youtube that you might just watch and sigh :)

All in all, I could go on and on like this forever! Cos I don't get nights like these often. But thank God I had one last night. Thank "God".

The other two musicians would be of course who else, but Gloria Estefan and Sade :) Total inspiration to our lives. At least mine.

comments would be interseting!
love & peace,
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you forgot her! I envy you so much, he still lights my firs, but hey I married a 50 year old, so obviously I have a thing...
Which is the Arabic song? Watching You? SOmething from Page and Plant Unledded? City Don't Go, maybe? I absolutely adore the enchanter, I hope he does that if he ever passes this way and I get to go.
Yay for you!
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