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New member, new fuckable voice ;)

I just stumbled upon this community while doing random LJ interest searches...I see that the last post was in July! That's terrible because this community is based on such an awesome concept! I've always been a total groupie at heart, and I'm especially drawn to vocalists.

I think my top 3 favorites (by order of voice fackability) are: 1) Dax Riggs 2) Marc Bolan (yeah, I'm weird) 3) Jeff Buckley (is there really no one else here who shares my opinion on this?? He's not even in the interest list!)

And, in hopes of sparking a little action in this community, I'd like to present a new fuckable voice candidate:

A little background info/bio:

Dax is a local musician from my area (southern Louisiana). He's been a musician for all of his adult life, and has been the lead vocalist in multiple local bands. He also performs solo, acoustic shows (consisting mostly of covers) on a fairly regular basis. He has a bit of an underground cult following across the US, and even a few other parts of the world. Basically, his fan base isn't extremely large in number, but people who are fans of his, are usually avid fans. For example: there are a few local fans who record almost every live performance they possibly can and share the bootlegs with fans who are too far away to see him live. He has been sticking to shows in this area for the past few years, and I've spoken to people who have driven miles (from places like california, philadelphia, etc) just to see him play in some little bar down here. I used to drive an hour both ways on the average of twice a month just to see him play. And his voice is, without a doubt, the main attraction.

Anyway, I'll just let you guys hear for yourselves, now. I've got about 2398 other bootlegs (ok, so I'm too lazy to count them, but that's probably not an exaggeration) where these came from, and there are a few official album releases by his bands, so if you guys actually like this stuff, I'll be happy to upload more ;)

Dax Riggs - Tower of Song (Leonard Cohen cover)

Dax Riggs - Trip Baby (live solo acoustic original)

Dax Riggs - Ancient Man (live solo acoustic original)

Dax Riggs - A Spinning Song (live solo acoustic original)

Deadboy and the Elephantmen - World Without Tears (live Lucinda Williams cover)

Deadboy and the Elephantmen - Heart of Green (studio demo; the inspiration for my LJ name, yahoo sn, and one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard)

Deadboy and the Elephantmen - Kissed by Lightning (studio demo; something a little different from the most recent incarnation of DBE)

And just to make sure you guys have a face to put with the voice, one more picture:

***Deadboy and the Elephantmen is Dax's most recent and current band. They are in the process of planning a US tour, and should be releasing a new album soon. You can check them out here: DBE

***Dax's musical repertoire is so vast and so varied, and the majority of it consists of bootlegs and recordings that can only be found online at various fan forums and such, so it's hard (even for me) to keep up with it all. I've tried to give a broad, general idea of his music, but there's TONS more out there. I completely omitted the hardcore swamp metal stuff. . .It's good stuff, but I think it only appeals to people who are metalheads or already Dax fans. hehe
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